Cash Advance Payday Loans

Payday loans bad credit Ontario



To obtain one of our Payday Advances, you must be employed a minimum of four (4) months and have a Net Pay (After Taxes) of $1,000. Then simply bring the following:
I) Paystubs:
These should be your two most recent paystubs.
II) Updated Bank Satement:
Your statement must be from the bank teller or from the bank machine showing your last two pays going into your account.
III) Personal cheque / PAD Form:
This should be from the account of the Bank Statement.
IV) Government Issued Photo Id / SIN Card:
Your ID must be valid.
V) Proof of Address:
This is a piece of mail sent to you within the last month that is dated with your name and current address.
*In certain circumstances your employment may need to be confirmed with your employer. However, this will always be done discreetly and we will never divulge the nature of your affiliation with us.


We no longer accept applications for income received from any Social Assistance including but not limited to Child Tax Credits, Canada Pension, Old Age Security, Ontario Works, Trillium Benefits, WSIB, or Ontario Disability Support (ODSP)

payday loans bad credit Ontario
cash advance payday loans

What you need:

Updated Bank Statement
Personal Cheque / PAD Form
Government Issued Photo ID / SIN
Proof of Address

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