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An Installment Loan is a loan that is repaid over time with a set number of scheduled payments. These Installment Loans will usually have a minimum of two payments that are made towards the loan. The length of an Installment Loan in Ontario varies from Lender to Lender. Installment Loans are generally considered to be safe and affordable alternatives to title loans, and to open ended credit such as credit cards. While these traditional Installment Loans depend on your credit history, our installment loans are designed with our customers in mind. You may be eligible for Installment Loan even if you have bad credit or poor credit history. We look at it as a way to reward our loyal customers. Our customers can qualify for Installment Loans in Ontario for up to $1,500 with NO Credit Checks as long as their Payday Loan accounts are in good standing and they have a proven repayment history.

What you need:

Updated Bank Statement
Personal Cheque / PAD Form
Government Issued Photo ID / SIN
Proof of Address
Good Repayment History

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Apply privately and securely and receive a response within minutes during regular business hours. We have a fast and secure online loan application and we will never ask you for a credit check. With one simple application you can use our Payday Loans to cover everyday one time small expenses or graduate to our Installment Loans and use these funds to cover longer term bills and expenses as you repay over time.

Our Installment Loans offer you more money and more time to repay

With our Installment Loans you may qualify for up to $1,500 with no credit check and with repayment terms up to 24 months. This is the first Installment Loan of its kind to offer loans of this amount to customers with little or no credit history. To be eligible, we simply use your repayment history with us to qualify you for the Installment Loan and like our Payday Loans, you will receive your funds within minutes. The better your payment history is us the more funds you may qualify for. We are the only company that provides short term or installment loans online and in store to individuals with bad credit or no credit. It is definitely something we are proud of and definitely something our customers have earned.

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Our loans are the right choice for you if:

Installment Loan

you have qualified

You are currently qualified for a payday loan.


You must have an account in good status with a good repayment history.

you have a pad form

You must have the ability to accept pre-authorized debits for installment payments.


You are in need for more money than our regular short term loan as well as more time to repay.

Why people choose us

We offer a totally new way of borrowing

Easy and Convenient

Apply from the comfort of your own home or stop by one of our convenient locations. In either case we will process your application in minutes and you will receive your funds in minutes. Repayment is also just as easy. We offer you the choice of repaying in store, online or through direct debit from your bank account. Our goal is to provide the most east and convenient way for customers to borrow money.

How it works?

Loans up to

With our Payday Loans up to $1500, this will allow you to cover those nagging, unexpected expenses that you did not see coming. It will allow you to save on fees and penalties from other companies if you were ever to miss a bill payment. Our Installment Loans up to $1,500 that you may qualify for with no credit check will help you to cover slightly larger unexpected expenses while affording you the luxury of more time and smaller installment payments.

How it works?

Multiple Lending

It was very important to us that we offer more options to our customers in order to get them the funds they needed. For many getting a loan can be difficult and sometimes embarrassing. This is why we created our multiple loan options and multiple payment options. It was done with the goal of making it easier and more affordable to access much needed credit. That is why we are proud to say we make getting the money you need easier than ever.

How it works?

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